Mon. Apr 12th, 2021

Can you make money on medium? This interesting question asked on Google users.

Today I decided to start answering questions answer series.

Question answer series is very helpful for new blogger and newbies who entered this industry.

Today, I am going to deals with most popular question can you make money on medium?

As frankly say yes you can easily make on media.

Because is one of the largest website in world.

Thousand of writers are write millions of post on this platforms.

Basically this is the multi author websites where thousand of writer write article on various topics.

Another important is that medium is multi niche websites where you get information of all niche.

You can write your articles on following popular topic.

  • politics
  • Health and fitness
  • Cultural
  • Science
  • media
  • Entrepreneurs
  • technology
  • Medical
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Online earnings

this are some popular topics on medium you can easily write articles on it .

In this answer series I am going to give some important tips which extremely helping

Can you make money on medium?

1.Publish more article (content)

This is the tip #1 Publish more content because everyone wants to make earn money through medium.

But main things is that you need traffic to earn money.

Some of the top earn say Publish a lot of content. You need to Publish at least 20 to 25 articles on medium in every month.

A lot of people think to earn money on medium they doesn’t Publish more than 5 stories per month.

Hence they didn’t got good amounts of readers on medium.

If you Publish more content you will get more readers on platforms.

When more reader read you story and clap it then you make money

2.write a quality content

Quality content is playing important role in today’s time .

If you want to success on medium you need to create engaging content.

Means more readers like your writings style.

Write every 1000 words articles that help to rank on Google.

Today time Google love best content and long articles.

3. Learn SEO

SEO means search engine optimization.

SEO is helping to getting thousand of visitors from Google.

When you write an articles on medium you need to focus on doing SEO.

If you do SEO you are able to drive thousand of visitors from search engines.

I write stories on medium that getting me five thousand visitors in just 6 day .

Because here I target low competition keywords keyword in my post .

And another reason is has high domain authority hence my articles rank on Google quickly.

If you are able to drive Good amounts of visitors from Google you should able to make money from medium.

Use your keywords in title, description, in post.

final words :

If you follow this rule you make good money.

You can easily make good amounts of money .

you can make money on medium like

  • Medium partners programs
  • Affiliates marketing
  • Drive traffic to blog
  • Sponsored post
  • Sell your courses

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