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Today in this question answer series (blogging for beginners)we are going to covering 🔥How do I start learning SEO?

This question answer series is very important for new blogger because they have lack of knowledge about SEO.

When ,new blogger are entering in this blogging industry they have only know income reports of blogger?

They know how xyz blogger are thousand and millions of dollars but they don’t know behind effort and hard work.

If you are new blogger you should read this answer.

Before starting answer you should know about.

✍How do I start learning SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO stand for search engine optimization.

SEO is very useful for rankings any website on search engine like Google, bing, Yahoo, duck duck go.

It also helpful to increase the quality of websites and revenue.

Hence every blogger wants to become success in seo fields.

If you are become success to drive thousand of visitors from search engine you can generate good amounts of revenues.

When i start my first blog, that time I have no knowledge about SEO.

My first year of blogger I was very confused it what is SEO and how do they work?

That time I didn’t understand this hence I was flailed in blogging.

Because not any traffic get to my websites.

#Read SEO expert blog

Reading a blog is one of the best way to lear SEO.

You can learn seo from home either when you doing work.

It’s very easy process to learn seo with simple methods.

I give first preference to read SEO blog because this blog give me pure value of knowledge.

I use following blog to learn SEO in simple way.

  • Search engine land
  • Search engine journal

this are the best blog for learning SEO. I personally read backlingo neilpatel blog .

You can use any one which you like.

Tell me which is your favorite blog and YouTube channels for seo?

#Watch YouTube videos

YouTube is playing an important role to become success in seo .

Because there are lot of good and bad quality of seo video available on YouTube.

You need to choose right person who knowledge about SEO field.

I will give some tips ,when you watch SEO on YouTube.

  • Learn SEO through video
  • apply your mentor strategy
  • do experiments on your blog
  • heard carefully what they do and don’t

In my beginning time ,I watch hundreds of YouTube videos on SEO.

Lot of good SEO expert available on YouTube .they are giving good advice and stretgy on SEO

I love to watch YouTube visitors video because here we don’t need to spend money.

You can follow this following YouTube channel to learn SEO free.

  • Moz
  • Brian dean
  • Arefs
  • semrush
  • Neil patel

i think this are the best YouTube channel to learn SEO for free.

I use this are good YouTube channel.

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