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how to make money on instagram without followers

Welcome to readers!! In this new questions and answers series 🔥 how many followers need to make money on instagram?

This question is similar to this 🔥✍to make money on instagram with 5oo followers?

Instagram is growing rapidly day by day.

Today time many of Instagram influencer are making passive income through their account.

They are making thousand of dollar just growing fan followers on Instagram.

Let’s come to the point.

how many followers need to make money on instagram
how many followers need to make money on instagram

how many followers need to make money on instagram?

I think you need at least 1000 followers on Instagram to make good money.

Here I take only 1000 followers because you easily get Sponsorship from brands on this followers.

#Paid Sponsorship

Paid Sponsorship is the best way to make money from brands.

A lot of small and big brands offer Sponsorship on Instagram.

They reach micro influencer with 1000 followers.

If you have 1000 followers you can easily get Sponsorship of various brand.

But main thing is how to get Sponsorship on Instagram?

To getting Sponsorship on Instagram, you can send email to particular brands.

Write yourself who are you? What is you niche topic?

Don’t miss to share your Instagram account web address URLs in email

#Affiliates marketing

Instagram has million of power users . you can use this power in Affiliates marketing.

If you have minimum 1000 followers then you easily make good Affiliates commission to selling Affiliates product.

But you should focus on your followers.

#Select micro niche

Before starting a Instagram page, you need to research on your niche. Because niche is playing important role in Affiliates marketing.

You can easily select a one micro topics which has good amounts of buying capacity.

select following niche like

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Diet
  • Fat loss
  • Blogging

You can select your niche very micro topic.

After select niche, create a Instagram business account.

Because business account shows anylatic. Also help to grow your followers.

Use targeted keywords in Instagram username also insert it in bio section.

Its help to increase authority on Instagram and help in SEO.

Next, take actions fast means start Publishing content regularly .

According to Instagram expert, upload 3 to 5 post in one day with good hashtags.

It’s help to boost your followers on Instagram

And main thing is insert your Affiliates link in bio.

If you uploading “best diet guide to loss weight fastly ” in Instagram post then some your followers like it and some of intresting to buy this products.

That time ,you need a unique Affiliates link.

Hence insert Affiliates link in Instagram bio section.

The chances of buying product is very huge because we are create very micro niche topics page .

Here intresting people are follow you and like you.

if you are interested How to make money on Instagram. then you should read this guide that helps to make money.

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