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how to ask questions on Quora

Quora is the one of the fastest growing question answer websites in the world.

A lot of users are asking questions and other users are giving answer of this question.

Quora is famous for know opinion of people on different things.

But this article is fully related to how to ask question on quora.

To asking questions on quora, you need to create account on quora and fill some detail about it.

now we learn how to ask questions on quora.

here’s the step by step guide for you.

step 1.

Open Google and type

Step 2.


Step 3.

click on add question button and start adding your question in search bar.

After, quora showing you search results based on you search.

Finally, you can add questions in

if you are using quora applications it’s simply to ask questions.

How to ask questions on quora through quora application.

now a day quora application is becoming very popular in playstore.

In short periods, 10 millions plus download has been completed in short periods.

step 1.

Go on play store and search “quora

Step 2.

Play store shows a quora app.

Step 3.

Start downloading quora app.

step 4 .

Complete signup process with Google and email.

Step 5.

click on add question button. And start asking questions in search bar. will suggest start your questions with why , how , what keywords.

And also you can share your URLs on quora.

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