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Hey guy’s today I am going to share the 7 best way how to earn money at Facebook. It is the world largest social media where 2.2 billion of active users on every single month.

Facebook is growing rapidly in all over world. Mostly youths are now active on Facebook .

it is one of the best advertising platforms to grow businesses fastly. Here’s you can join thousand of friends and make your profile strong.

Facebook offering various opportunities to earn money from various activities.

there are direct and indirect options available to earn money from fb.

✍How to earn money at Facebook❤

1) Facebook sponsored post.

if you are active more on Facebook you have thousand of followers and like you can easily monetize your Facebook profile.

a hundred of companies are available in market to find good influencer.

You have good engagement on every post , companies are offering you paid promotions of their products, brand.

They need to find high followers people’s because they want to reach thousand of people.

This is the best way to earn money on Facebook.

2)Affiliates marketing on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best way to make money through Affiliates marketing.

Here’s you can easily promote Affiliates products, services, courses in Facebook group, Facebook pages.

their are lot of best Affiliates programs available in markets but you can choose on commission bases.

Basically, I use few Affiliates programs for promote Affiliates products including

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • E bay
  • Share A sale
  • Jv zoo

this are best Affiliates networks for you can promote Affiliates product and make money.

To make money, post beautiful content on daily basis on Facebook pages with Affiliates link.

3)Facebook marketplace.

Facebook marketplace is the best way to earn money on Facebook.

Here’s you allows to listed your services and product.

Good thing is you can reach millions of peoples from Facebook. When you listed a new services on Facebook marketplace your friends, followers get notifications.

if your product is good and it help to solve the problem of people you can make good amounts of money from it.

Thousand of people are using Facebook traffic to generate new sell on Affiliates marketing.

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4) Facebook ads .

Facebook ads playing important role to grow small business.

It is the best way to make money from Facebook. There is huge opportunity in Facebook ads to grow your businesses immediately.

Facebook ads allow you create advertising to targeting specific people based on age , location , hobby.

if you are small business owner you can promote your product through Facebook reach whole world.

you can offer various services, product, course, consulting service through Facebook help to make good amounts of money.

5) Manage Facebook account .

Managing Facebook account is the good job to make extra money.

Especially Facebook pages of big companies, brands, celebrities are getting opportunities to manage.

Many of big companies are hiring staff for handling social media account. Especially celebrities are hiring people’s to manage their account.

Here’s you Wii get good amount of money. You need to create different graphics for upload on Facebook.

  • Lear Facebook marketing
  • Apply for job
  • Manage Facebook account successful
  • Earn money

6)Facebook instant articles

Facebook provides the best platform for publishers to make money on creating beautiful content by placing ads.

Facebook start new feature instant articles in you can easily make money on create good knowledgeable content.

Firstly, you need get approval Facebook instant articles .

  • Visit instantarticles
  • Complete signup
  • Choose Facebook fan page
  • Verify sites url
  • Make money

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  1. This is really wonderful article. Building passive income, it seem getting tough Over time. Therefore I guess not for everyone, I have personally try it myself. Like affiliate marketing, have little bit success with it.

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