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how to make money from youtube channel

Everyone know that YouTube is playing an important role in entertainment and enjoy industry.

YouTube is one of the biggest application in world where people are watching millions of videos in every minutes.

Do you know ?

YouTube is biggest earnings platform where millions of people’s make tons of dollars in every singal day.

Here’s, I am going to break down not 1 or 2 but almost 10 Best ways how earn money from youtube make money on youtube


as the main highlight point about YouTube.

▶️ YouTube is second search engine after Google.

▶️YouTube found in 2005.

▶️Millions of users are active in singal day and get millions of view.

▶️YouTube generate millions of dollar revenue in singal day.

▶️ 2billion users logged in each month.

▶️ Mostly 70%of YouTube watch time are came from mobile device.

We are talking about the how to make money from youtube channel

You should need to create original video content and upload it on YouTube.

Make intresting video because you got more and more views.

video creating is not so hard it’s very simple you can easily make any video on your smartphone but video editing so difficult.

Why ?because you need different software to edit catchy and interesting video that actually make money online.

how to make money from youtube channel

1)YouTube Partners Programs .

YouTube partners program is affidavits with YouTube.

mostly youtubers are making money through this popular program.

many of American, Canadian Youtubers are making $1000 money just singal day on YouTube .

if you are interested about to make money on YouTube partners programs.

Then ,you need to create a own YouTube channel and upload the intresting video .

Once you completed or gaining 4000 hour hours watch time and completed 1000 subscribers mark .

You are eligible to monetize your own YouTube channel.

After, you will get Google adsense approval you will eligible to make money from your YouTube channels.

I see many of part time Youtubers are making $2000 on monthly revenue from YouTube partners programs.

2) Brand Sponsorship And Deal.

Many of big brands are directly approach big Youtubers for discussing a product in video.

If you are got millions of views on your YouTube channel you will get easily Sponsorship from various branded companies

company are advertise product to your targeted audiences.

This is another good way to make money on YouTube channel.

But, main question is how will get Sponsorship?

The main things is increasing the YouTube channel audiences and get easy Sponsorship.

3) Affiliates Marketing.

Affiliates marketing is now becoming popular income source.

Mostly, Youtubers are using Affiliates product to generate passive income. This are wholly depending on your audience .

If your audiences buying capacity is good you will get good commission on each product.

you need to find what Affiliates product needs to your audiences? After finding good product you need to promote it .

some people want to watch video on problem solutions, different tutorial , product review ,entertainment, humor .you can make good Affiliates commission in this type of people to promoting good products.

there are hundreds of Affiliates networks are available in market but you should choose only good Affiliates networks like


2)Max boundaries.


5)Digi store 24

And other good networks.

firstly, you find affordable and good products to promote on YouTube.

Make video on particulars product. Give only legit solutions in video otherwise people give a thousand of bad comments and they decrease your video rankings.

you can insert your Affiliates link in YouTube description box.

My pro tips firstly

▶️Reaching good keywords.

▶️Make proper video

▶️Join Affiliates networks

▶️Use essentially hashtags and description

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4) Start a Blog.

If you have YouTube channel and got more view on particulars topics you can also start your own blog to make extra money.

Your channel is on technology, reviews, digital marketing ,cooking, receipe, movies reviews, and make money ideas that’s people are search on Google then you should create blog.

you need to just published your YouTube video and post (in text) on blog .

I see mostly Youtubers are making blog to earn money .this is one of the best ideas to make extra money .

The main benefits is ..

Your blog getting more views because it’s connected to your YouTube audiences. There are many benefits you wil get .

Blog help you to get more and more view on video and it also help to make passive income through it.

Google adsense, and Amazon Affiliates is very good and primary way to make extra money through Blogging.

Many of blogger are making thousand of dollars per day with simple tricks and tips.

5) Sell digital products.

digital products is the passive income source of each Youtubers.

Thousand of Youtubers are making their own digital products and sell there’s audiences.

if you are unable to create the a physical product became lakh of money and funding you can easily create digital products easily.

Digital products are easy to create than physics product. You can create own digital products from home .

i strongly suggested to you if you’re good Youtubers you should make digital products like ebooks, course ,video .

Digital products give you opportunities to make passive income from home .

This way is my favourite way to become rich Youtubers in YouTube world..

6) Paid Promotion .

If you are Youtubers or related to YouTube you know that a lot of people’s charges money to paid promotion.

Many of people’s are make good amounts of money through paid promotions.

If you are newbies on YouTube and don’t get any view you can contact your niche related Youtubers and request him to promotion my channel. This is called the paid promotion.

This promotion is great options to make extra money on it .

7) Consultant Services.

Consultant services is the another way to make money on YouTube.

once your have because established Youtubers and crossed thousand of subscribers mark you can start consulting in your niche.

There are different niche in YouTube you can start consulting in your niche like How to grow businesses? ,financial freedom ,Health, fitness, cooking ,and different other important niche

You will be charging fees on consulting services. It depending upon your experience and knowledge.

how to make money from youtube channel 🙏

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