Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
how to make money on instagram with 5oo followers?

Hello blogger!today we are going to discuss best question how to make money on instagram with 5oo followers?

Instagram is one of the best rapidly growing social media networks in the world.

I know you and me using the Instagram for like share and follow.

But I think this is not good way to use this application.

I frankly say you should use Instagram for earnings extra money.

I see many of Instagram user are making thousands of dollar from Instagram just publishing content daily basis.

Instagram influencer is the amazing job for making money.

#Followers don’t matter

how to make money on instagram with 5oo followers?

instagram followers don’t matter it means if you have 100 followers or 500 followers.

I have seen my Instagram page are making good money with only 300 followers.

Because I targeted only micro niche topics on Instagram.

Firstly I started Researching the micro niche topics with good Affiliates product.

And instantly I make Instagram page on that niche.

I posted only 20 post that help to gain 300 followers.

But this is micro niche Instagram page means this is targeted audience for me.

I can monetize it and people are intresting to buying products.

I started uploading 20 post and surprisingly I get good results.

I got 5 affiliate sale in this short period time that help me to make $100 dollars Affiliates commission in just 20 day.

This was the big power of Instagram Affiliates marketing.

Instagram has a good traffic source to monetize Affiliates product.

Today everyone use Instagram for different purposes like some one use to personal branding, Affiliates marketing.

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