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Hello blogger, today we are discussing this question answer series how to make money on medium articles ?

Yesterday we are discussing can you really make money from pinterest ?

When I search on Google I found this I the common questions user ask ?

A lot of newbies are not know how to make money on medium article? How you can make money on medium?

But today I am going to share the some of the best way to make money on

I am not talking about how to write on medium ?

Here I am talking about how to make money on medium.

but let’s talk about medium.

What is medium ?

Medium is the content Publishing platform where user share content is know as

medium was starting in 2012 by evan Williams in us.

A lot of user share their thoughts on medium. The authorities of is very high compare to other content websites.

Hence, many of blogger are using to get high quality of backlinks.

I personally use medium for rank articles on Google. If you are write articles on Google you can easily rank on Google.

Because medium has high Domain authority and high page authority.

how to make money on medium articles

1)Medium partners programs

Medium partners programs is the best way to make money like quora partners programs.

Learn more about Quora partners programs How to make money on Quora partner program(make $1000 with easy trick)

You can make money through this program by posting articles on medium.

This program was launched in 2018 through medium officials team.

Through this program, write make money when they create quality and great content on internet.

Medium Will pay writers by creating good content.

medium charges $5 for become membership. Medium make money through membership.

When members read writers story and clapping it .some of little bit amounts money goes to writer story.

Read more about it::

This way authors, poets, writers are making money on this awesome platforms.

If you are new on this platforms, you need to signup for it.

You can easily signup with your email I’d and after taking email I’d you need to create a password.

After completing signup process, you can complete you profiles write Yousef and who are you and what is your passion?

If any user are landing on profiles they check your profile ,passion, knowledge, experience, and writing style.

2)Affiliates marketing on medium is one of the largest websites in world.

Because medium got 223 millions unique traffic according to similarweb.

Here you have to understand the power and popularity of medium.

If you write any articles with quality content you should rank on Google. Because medium has high domain and page authority.

In the Affiliates marketing you need a quality traffic.

If you have good amounts of traffic you can easily make money through Affiliates marketing.

Here you need to write articles about your Affiliates product and insert your Affiliates link in it.

If any one click on it and buy then you will good commission.

But keep one point in mind, don’t spamming your link on medium otherwise medium suspended your account.

  • Visit medium. Com
  • Create account
  • Join good Affiliates networks
  • Write high quality articles
  • Create backlinks
  • Share on social media
  • When your articles rank that time insert Affiliates link in it
  • After doing this you will able to generate sell.

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