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How to make money on pinterest without a blog+make extra $100 with sleeping night .

Hey, do you know how to make money on pinterest step by step

Today, I am going to share 6easy way to make money on Pinterest without doing work.

You have heard a lot of people’s are making thousand of dollar just using pinterest.

Pinterest is an visual search engine and social media platform. Millions of people are active on daily basis.

pinterest is an American pictures sharing website and social networks which is based on discovery information.

  • Pinterest was founded in 2009
  • It is biggest visual search engine
  • pinterest is third largest social sites in United state.
  • Two billion search every month on pinterest.
  • 80% women are active on pinterest.
How to make money on pinterest without a blog+make extra $100 with sleeping night .
How to make money on pinterest without a blog+make extra $100 with sleeping night .


how to make money on pinterest step by step?

1)Affiliates marketing on pinterest .

Affiliates marketing is the best way to make money on pinterest. Because you see everyone suggested Affiliates marketing it’s make passive income.

Affiliates marketing is best answer to this question how to make money on pinterest step by step?

there are types of Affiliates link allows by pinterest.

1)Blog post .


if you created blog and write content you can easily promote Affiliates link in your blog post.

Pinterest sending thousand of visitors on your blog. You get commission when your readers buy affiliate products.

many of companies are offering directly imbued affiliate link in your pin.

You need to find those companies and signup for Affiliates programs. Then start promoting affiliate products on your board using affiliate link.

I strongly recommend to use link shortener tool like Bitly to manage your link.

don’t spamming on pinterest take action against you. Pin regularly and increase traffic .

How much can you make ?

Affiliates marketing is passive income source in pinterest..

If you doing yardwork you can easily make $100 to $400 a day.

But it’s all depending on your hard work and experience.

2) Pinterest virtual assistant.

Pinterest virtual assistant is an good job to make money from home .

If you are searching best part time job then pinterest virtual assistant is an very good job for you.

but, you need to follow pintrest schedule of personal and businesses account.

Pinning pin regularly basis is important task to virtual assistant and grow your client business.

surely, you have prove your experience related to it.

If you are searching pintrest virtual assistant job you will can easily find on Fiverr and Upwork.

Visit Fiverr and Upwork. Com then you need to signup.

After completing signup you make good profile and describe yourself, your experience realated to this work.

This is an amazing way to find virtual assistant job to make extra money on pintrest.

How much can you make ?

it’s totally depending on your experience on field but I know averagely people are making $30 to $50 dollars per hourly.

But , if you are working with big brands and company you will get $200 per client.

3)Pinterest influencer.

You have know Instagram influencer are making tons of dollars through influencing brands product.

Pinterest influencing is same to it .

if you have good fan followers and engagement on pinterest’s business account you will get Sponsorship from various brands.

You need to promote their product in your account like pinning, repin and inviting group bord.

How much can you make?

You can easily make $50 dollars on every sponsored content but good things is that’s many of people are making thousand of dollars through this method.

how to make money on pinterest step by step

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4)Blogging with pintrest.

Pinterest is the best weapon to drive millions of traffic towards your blog ,websites.

Many of blogger are making blog and start make money through pintrest traffic.

pinterest drive thousand of traffic on your blogpost. If someone clicks on your Affiliates link and buying product you will get commission.

Affiliates marketing and displays ad are two good way make money on blog.

You just focus on pintrest and create new pin everyday you will get good results as early as possible.

If you are new blogger and old blogger you Wii need to invest in” tailwinds “.

It give me some best results to increase my daily traffic.

I think you can make good amount of money with the helps of pinterest in blogging world.

How much can you make?

It’s fully dependent on yourself because

if you are new in blogging you can make $20 day but if you are experience more in it you can make 100 dollars per day.

How to make money on pinterest without a blog+make extra $100 with sleeping night .
How to make money on pinterest without a blog+make extra $100 with sleeping night .

5) sell product.

Are you eager to sell products on pinterest?

there are 90% of people are planning to purchase products on pinterest.

Basically two types of products are available on pintrest.

1) Physical product: recipes, clothing, makeup product,.
2) Digital product :: Ebooks, tools, courses like blogging, pintrest marketing, Facebook advertising, Instagram marketing.

Know you can decide which product is better for you?

Thousand of peoples are selling products on pinterest and generate tons of dollars from it.

Firstly, you create pinterest business account and start creating more and more pin .

After some time you Wii see the best result.

This is an good way to make money on Pinterest.

How much can you make ?

You can make averagely $100 day to selling products on pinterest.

But , I again say it’s depending on your smart work strategy and hard work and experience .

6) offering yours services.

You have seen in pinterest a lot of people’s are offering their own services.

Some time you see people write in pinterest bio how they offers services?

Some people are offered SEO Services, some one offers paid writers services. Some one saya bout How to grow your blog?

Many of interesting guys are hiring them to work.

This is an best way to make money on Pinterest. Pinterest is the best way to get clients fast.

How much can you make ?

You can easily make $50 per client but it depending upon yourself how much cost you will take to doing work?

Final thoughts.

Making money on pinterest is very simple but you need to make effective strategy to success in it.

I think affiliate marketing is the best way to make easily money on pinterest without doing anything.

Affiliates marketing has no need to invest money.

You can easily signup for popular affiliate programs like Amazon associates, clickbank, and other.

Start promoting Affiliates products on pintrest account.

This is an simple way to make money on pinterest.

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