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What is Google adsense

Today I am going to share what is Google adsense?

Every blogger and websites owner has a dream to make a money through Google adsense.

But new people’s don’t know about it .means what is Google adsense?

When I started my first blog , that time I was very crazy about it.

How to make money through blogging? After some time I was very passionate about blogging.

Because a lot of people are saying blogging is passive income source because here you will need a publish more content.

After getting thousand of visitors you can easily make passive income through placing ads on your website/blog.

To getting organic visitors is very essential to make passive income through websites.

If you get organic traffic from search engines you are able to make good amounts of money.

But , I use Google adsense ads on my website to make money.

Because adsense is very legit and trusted platforms .

It’s give me lot of freedom to make dollars from online.

Firstly time I use Google AdSense to monetize my websites because that time I was very crazy about it .

I know that time Google AdSense is best online way to generate passive money.

But , questions arising in your mind actually

What is Google adsense
What is Google adsense

What is Google adsense?

Google adsense is programs hosted by Google where Google showing advertising on your website, when people click on ads that time you can make money .

Google adsense is advertising platforms hosted by Google.

this program is showing different type of ads like text ads, images ads ,videos ads.

  • Name =Google adsense
  • Started in 2003
  • Owner =Google

it’s time for telling how I make my first $1000 with Google adsense.

6(Best) tips: How get Google adsense approval fast in( 1 week )

How I made my first $1000 dollars from Google adsense?

simple story behind it.i use very simple stretgy to achieve my goals.

I started a entertainment website/blog in last year.

Here Firstly, I use a smart stretgy to growing my blog.

By launching this website, I started researching the keywords that generate good amounts of traffic.

I research low competition keyboard with high search volume because this formula generates thousand of visitors towards my blog.

After researching a low competitive keywords , I started publishing a lot of content.

I Publish 50 articles with 1000 words. That helpful to generate a lot visitors from search engine.

my main focus is to publishing more helpful content.

After completing 8 month, my blog got good amounts of traffic from Google in between 50k to 70k monthly visitors. Because only targeted very low competition keywords.

I am not a big fan of building backlinks because some time Google penalize your website.

If you are creating some spamming backlinks then Google will penalize your website.

I have learn some important fact in my journal.

1.Focus on keywords Researching.

Keywords Researching is playing important role to rank website fastly.

If you are targeting right keywords you are able to rank it on Google easily.

I basically focus on keywords Researching because if you are finding very low competition keyboard that help me to drive huge amounts of traffic.

I really focus on it .I give first preference to it .

2. Learn SEO (must)

SEO is very important to rank any website. If you are doing good SEO you will easily rank on Google.

I strongly suggested you learn

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

when you learning basic of onpage and off page you are able to drive traffic.

finally , the key of my success is two things keywords Researching +on page SEO.

I am not big fan of building link. I never like to build a hundreds of backlinks on per articles.

Because I only targeting low competitive keywords that rank easily.

Final words :

Google adsense is one of the legit way to make money.

But you need to Good traffic to earn money through adsense.

I strongly suggest you need to focus on traffic first one year.

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